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Hi there! My name is Marie-Claire, and I'm no ordinary photographer - I'm a Moment Capturing Goddess! I'm empathic, sensitive and ever so slightly bonkers. This might sound a bit cheeky but it's pretty much impossible not to love me! I'll capture much more than your face or your event - I'll capture your spirit and your heart ❤︎

FlukePhotography - Moment Capturing Awesomeness x

"I get to hang out with really awesome people during some of their best and most exciting moments in life. I get to capture their hearts and show them a side of themselves they’ve never seen before. I get to share my contagious passion, enthusiasm and excitement for life whilst going on epic adventures all over the country and sometimes even abroad too. I get to make new friends all the time and chat shit to random people. I get to drink too many cups of tea and glasses of wine in the middle of the afternoon. I get to wear my onesie to work or if i’m venturing out, wear every colour of the rainbow. I get to be myself and encourage others to do the same.

I get to make people smile… on the inside as well as on the outside too.

I love my job!"