Making LinkedIn much more colourful…

Step away from that white background… this isn’t the 1980s – we do business differently these days dontcha know!

People buy from people and these days you really have to stand out in all your shiny awesome glory – especially online. I know how important visual branding is when it comes to attracting the right people and I’d love to sprinkle some of my cheeky magic all over your face and business – photo shoots with me really are a fun experience and usually involve coffee, wine or food too. I always meet clients beforehand to see if we are a perfect fit and after that we can really get to grips with what you want from your shoot.

Prices start at £145 for a short and sweet (just like me) session and you get three awesomely scrubbed up images ready to use on your website, social media and business cards x

Excited to hear from you!