Not Another F@#*ing
Wedding Photographer!

Does looking at most wedding photography make you want to vomit?

Good. Me too. You’re in the right place.

Being in love is epic and if you’ve found that person you want to fart in bed with forever – BOOM! HIGH 5! Grab that f*cker and never let them go!

When it comes to tying the knot, however, it’s easy to become disheartened and overwhelmed by the pukefest that the wedding industry presents but if all you want to do is throw a mahoosive glittery heart-shaped party to celebrate your togetherforeverness – make sure you’ve got someone on the team who gets it (i.e. me) documenting it all before it disappears into a drunken oblivion. As well as a killer hangover and bank balance that went on a successful wedding diet, you’ll be also left with some super gorgeous photos which reflect every fabulous bit of your quirky, magical and slightly nutty selves. Bonkers can still be beautiful, dontcha know.

I offer pick & mix pricing so you can customise pretty much everything and so you have an idea, prices for a full day’s coverage start at £1,625 – from the getting ready in your rollers and pjs bit right to the pant-splitting break-dancing bitter end.

Super Important: I really limit the number of weddings I photograph a year, so if you want me – best make it snappy x

Very Unmatrimony

Not everyone wants to get married these days. And you know what… that’s ok – in fact, I salute you for sticking to your guns. But maybe, just maybe you secretly would like to have some groovy photos together whilst having a big silly laugh. Very Unmatrimony is designed for awesome, fun loving, out of the box couples that don’t actually want to tie the knot.

Excited to hear from you!