Take Photos
Be Happy!

Helping the community smile more 🙂

Welcome to “Take Photos Be Happy” by FlukePhotography.

I’m hoping the title kinda explains what this is all about – it’s basically about taking photos and feeling happy

It’s dead simple too!

All you have to do is join our online community here and upload at least one photo each day of something that makes you happy / made you smile / that you’re grateful for. When you post the photo in the group, share a little positive story about your picture so everyone else can soak up the yummy positive vibes, YEAH! Oh and if you can remember, please use the hashtag #TakePhotosBeHappy

– It’s about practicing gratitude
– It’s about having a visual diary to look back on when we need it
– It’s about stopping to consider what actually makes us happy in our lives
– It’s about looking for patterns in our thoughts
– It’s about well-being
– It’s about doing something nice for yourself
– It’s about allowing yourself to get creative
– It’s about mindfulness
– It’s about being in the moment
– It’s about getting to know ourselves
– It’s about making an impact in the community and the world around us 🙂

There’s a story behind it too, and I know everyone loves a good story.

Let me introduce myself: My name’s Marie-Claire and I’m a Moment Capturing Goddess and Happiness Ninja.

If you don’t know already, and most people don’t – getting into photography was something that helped me with my depression and self-esteem issues. It gave me the courage to leave my corporate career behind which was making me really unhappy and go and set up my very first business! I totally didn’t plan it – where else do you think the name FlukePhotography came from? Total accident / divine inspiration, whatever you want to call it. I never thought I’d be a self-employed photographer in my life like EVER!

So how did it help?

Well, without going into too much detail here, I found growing up pretty tough. Stuff that happened made me think I wasn’t loveable and after a bit, my memory decided it didn’t want to remember things anymore.

I literally would have NO recollection of all the wonderful things that were happening in my life and my brain became a magnet for sad, upset and negative thoughts aka stinky thinky.

Photography became my reminder – like a visual diary to process my thoughts… both good and bad things. I would take photos of stuff that made me happy: things, experiences, feelings but I’d also use it as a creative outlet to process my woes and confusion about life – kind of like a journal. By doing this, I’d spot patterns in my thinking to overcome them and by having a visual collection of happy moments and pockets of positivity, I could look over them and instantly feel lifted out of my low mood. It was a reminder that life wasn’t as bad as my head tried to make out and trick me it was.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, that wasn’t all photography did for me! Like I said above, I had NO self-confidence when I was younger. I wore a ‘mask’ and I wouldn’t let people know the real me – I honestly didn’t think I was worth knowing. I struggled with connecting with people without this facade – in so much that my camera became like a bridge. I started going out more by myself and at first, would hide behind my camera “Mr Flashy”, until gradually I started to believe in myself and that people actually might want to know the real, authentic me – not just some forced constructed part of me I created so that people might like me.

Over time, my confidence grew and I started to realise other things I was good at, like being positive, cheering people up and spreading sunshine everywhere I go – this has lead me to set up another business as a Happiness Ninja and a social enterprise where I help people find their happy and have the confidence to be themselves… and it all started with taking a few pictures each day!

Take Photos Be Happy is how I’d like to make an impact in the community and in the world. I believe by helping people smile more and feel better about themselves, we can help create a better society.

Join the free community here if you’d like to get involved. Or if you’d like to work with FlukePhotography and the Happiness Ninja to make a greater social impact as part of your own corporate social responsibility, get in touch, let’s have some fun!

Excited to hear from you!